Our Products

Our philosophy

We implement low noise technologies for our linear power supplies. Each technological choice is validated by a careful  listening achieved by a panel of audiophiles.


We have created a family of linear power supplies adapted to different products on the market with a single objective, improve the sound quality and provide more listening pleasure:


Our high-end power supplies can power the following products:

- FDA (Full Digital Amplifier)

- DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)

- Transport (USB to SPDIF)

- Network Attached Storage (NAS)

- Mini PC


We have also designed a streamer of high quality listening based on our know-how and validated listening by our panel of audiophiles.


ROSE audio PSU, an high-end Linear Power Supply


An high quality linear power supply with low noise and high current capacity.

It will replace the original switching power supplies of the following products:


       - FDA full-digital amplifier: ALIENTEK D8, FX Audio D802, IAMD V200, SMSL AD18

         - Mini PC: Intel NUC, GYGABYTE, HP Elite Slice, HP EliteDesk and Prodesk desktop mini          among others…

         - Mac Mini (additional adapter required)

         - DAC

         - USB Transport

         - NAS


FDA PSU specifications:

- 160w low noise with 100,000μF of Elna Audio capacitor. EMI shielded and additional mains filtering. Double layer PCB high quality with oversized tracks.


ROSE audio music streamer, the conductor


Music Streamer based on our PSU researches and advanced testing of numerous solutions to provide you with the best possible sound. The software layer is lleveraging open source software dedicated to music streaming :  The Logitech media server software


ROSE audio NAS, store your music confidently


High end NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Logitech Media Server technology


All our products are designed and assembled in France.They are tested and validated before shipment.